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From London to Los Angeles, Anglesbangles helps brands, boutiques and individuals shape their visual identity through photo and video content, consistently aligned with their values and often helping form their brand image and style. The man behind 

Henry's love for music led him to discover his niche in photography, and his lens has become a gateway to extraordinary memories for superstar creatives. Inspired by the power of artists pouring their soul's into every note, Henry's passion for telling stories and capturing vividly evocative memories pushes him to create compelling and immersive work that can transport viewers back to the moment, allowing them to relive the experience and feel a deep connection with the captured scene.

Henry's style takes inspiration from many forms and, not being one to shy away from trying new things, innovates his own approaches, blending elements of documentary, fine art, and fashion photography, while always using his compositional eye developed over years of street and landscape photography. 

Henry Wainwright



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